Patient Specific Lifting Sling

Zlincher®, the original nonwovens slings were commissioned and patented by U.S. Pacific, an ISO : 9001-2015 accredited company, 20 years ago to meet the needs and challenges of healthcare facility, hospital and acute care environments for Infection Control.  These slings have been supplied to the marketplace over 18 years without any failure.

Zlincher® is for patient specific and/or disposable application that accompanies the patient throughout their stay ensuring hygienic, comfortable and secure lifting routines.

Key Benefits:

  1. Reduces Cross-Contamination – Patient specific sling improves infection control policy.
  2. Rigorous Quality Assurance guidelines to maximize safety outcome.
  3. Complies with AS/NZS ISO : 10535 standard and tested by renowned laboratory. 
  4. Efficient for nursing and care staff, always readily available, wastes no time looking for or borrowing a sling.
  5. Eliminates lost components from the sling after laundry.
  6. Saves laundry and handling expenses.
  7. Incorporates warning label to stop the sling being washed and reused on second patient to enhance infection control effectiveness.
  8. Loop series are universal loop design that fit to hoists with hooks on the spreader bar – SWL (safety working load) – 290 kgs
  9. Clips series designed specifically to work with clip attachments on the spreader bar of ArjoHuntleigh hoists. – SWL (safety working load) – 272 kgs
  10.  Insured for global product liability.
  11.  Available in 5 different sizes which are differentiated and denoted by unique color binder as below:

In addition to the loop and clips series, U.S. Pacific also manufactures a wide range of slings suitable for different applications.  Please find out more details from us.