6 in 1 Commode Chair

6 in 1 Commode Chair

6 in 1 Multifunction Equipment for Rehabilitation

6 different functions are consolidated in one single piece of rehabilitation equipment that offers the users support, assistance and safety during walking, sitting, toileting and shower taking.  Most importantly it gives the users a great deal of self confidence in carrying out the daily activities with limited assistance or even on their own to improve the quality of life.  The height is adjustable to suit different individual's needs.  It is found exceptionally helpful when using it as an overnight commode chair to give convenience to both the elderly and the helper.  It is enormously convenient, lightweight and user-friendly that can be converted from one application to the other intended applications effortlessly.  The collapsible frame takes very little storage space.  
It helps to rebuild a venerable pride for the recovered regardless at home, nursing home or rehabilitation centers.




Commode Chair

Lifting Aid



Shower Chair

Toilet safety Frame

Toilet seat Raiser